Artificial Intelligence vs Chess engines

Across the time chess has been used as a tool to test and challenge human intelligence. Nowadays chess has been used to test computer intelligence, artificial intelligence.

Recently Google has developed an AI (artificial intelligence) named alpha zero, the programmers of this, taught it the chess rules.

Alpha zero learned how to play at great level by itself, practicing constantly just with itself. Once the engineers believe that alpha zero was ready they challenged the strongest chess engine named Stockfish. Stockfish was demolished by Alphazero, the result was 155 victories by Alphazero and 6 losses.

The chess engines like stockfish learn how to play chess using algorithms developed to use brute calculation on any type of position, engines like stockfish calculate around 80 million of position per second, in contrast, alphazero just calculate 80 thousand. Alphazero trusts more on the understanding of the circumstances of the position on the board, instead of a brute calculation of a position with unlimited possibilities.

The way that stockfish obtains more information is by a database based on human games, in contrast, alphazero just have the information by playing with itself. In other words, alphazero believes and trusts in its own knowledge, eliminating all the human information provided.

Alphazero has changed the view of chess, chess masters believe that nowadays it’s better just to keep the dynamics alive in any type of position and to try to understand it instead of calculating it. Certainly, a new type of chess understanding has emerge and with that a new intelligence too.

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