Chess a millenary game

According to some legends histories, chess was created at least 500 years ago by a wise man from India. Other histories said that it has more than one thousand years since it was created, there is no evidence which can prove how old it’s chess, but there is no doubt about its longevity and mysticism, that’s why chess it’s consider a millenary game.

Why I’m doing this?

  1. Because I will like to show all the benefits that chess has to offer, besides that chess can be played by anyone in anyplace.
  2. Because I would like to show the different modalities that chess has to offer and with that a more friendly chess side.
  3. Because chess as a millenary game has captivated the attention of people through the years.

Chess for everyone at any place!

Why chess?

  • Because is a healthy an entertaining way to use our brain.
  • The articles that I will publish are going to be related to, the chess across time, chess in any place at any time by anyone, chess a way of knowing ourselves, chess nowadays, chess and artificial intelligence.
  • I would like to find people who believe that they can contribute to making the world a better place to live.
  • If this blog has success I would like accomplished that chess starts to become more popular, breaking the taboo that chess is a boring game or is just played by for smart people.
  • Besides, to introduce the benefits of the SPICE chess program at Webster University.

Nowadays technology is becoming part of our life, day after day we can see how we are absorbed by it, in fact, we are becoming almost a hundred percent dependent on it. It seems like we are in automatic pilot, we are letting technology thinks for ourselves. Let’s avoid the automatic pilot, let’s start working out our brain.

To deny our reality it’s dumb, that’s why we need to adapt to the society requirements currently. Technology is evolving and new kind worlds are emerging, in fact, artificial intelligence is starting become a part of our life. As a matter of fact, Google has developed an artificial intelligence and they tested it by playing chess against a computer, the result was an overwhelming victory to the artificial intelligence named alpha-zero. Maybe we don’t like chess, but we can’t deny the benefits that chess has to offer, don’t deprive yourselves of please that this magical world has to offers you.

This blog will focus on chess and its benefits, chess as a sport, chess as a game, chess pieces as art pieces and glamour, chess across the time, chess in the current world, chess and artificial intelligence, chess at Webster.

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